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So Much More Than Sober Monthly Membership is open NOW!!!

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Hey, I’m Claire, The Soberholic - passionate about sharing the benefits of a sober life.

Normal life for me, was a bottle of wine each day - drinking to excess, then beating myself up about it.  It was impacting every aspect of my life – my work, sleep, health, energy and relationships. 

By using alcohol to mask some of my problems, it was just creating others.  I was in a repetitive cycle of self-destruct.

Now, I’m loving life, like never before.  I’m happier, healthier and more energised than I’ve been for years. 


I’m so much more than sober – I’m more active, more passionate, more fun and more ME!


Don't take my word for it...


ANGIE, over 1 year alcohol free

The best thing I have done, picked the phone up when I was feeling so low, you were truly inspirational and put me at ease

SARA, 8 months alcohol free

You encouraged me to believe in my own abilities. I gave up alcohol and found the confidence and courage to go for what I really want. 

JESS, 8 weeks alcohol free

The way I perceive alcohol and how I use it has totally changed. I am becoming the person I always wanted to be. You make me smile, laugh and feel important

 I felt inspired to look at my relationship with alcohol; a good friend made me question what I had been calling fun for too long.⁠ After volunteering in a recovery clinic, I studied life coaching and then created my five-stage online programme.

I’ve created a programme called S.O.B.E.R. Goals. 

Built around self-awareness and self-discovery, it helps you to take back your power, increase your self-confidence and enjoy the benefits of a healthier life. Being sober is energising and revitalising and everyone deserves to feel this amazing! So, I’m on a mission to help women like me take a break from the booze and hopefully quit it altogether.  With my help and support, I want you to find a new zest for life as I have.


Don't take my word for it...


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Taking Back Control - Sober, now what? 
Are you ready for next-level YOU?

A FREE, sober goals discovery call


A chance to get to know each other and discover if we are a good fit.  The call will give me an understanding of where you are now and what you want to achieve.

Imagine your life 6 months from now if you quit, compared to if you don't.

Grab a cuppa and let’s chat about that. xxx


Now I am on a mission to inspire 10,000 women to invest in their own personal development instead of relying on alcohol - women are bored with the Mummy needs wine culture instead we are applauding health-seeking behaviour and taking back control without judgment shame or fear - I needed a lot of strength to change a habit that was a big part of my life. I was drinking about 100 units a week and still functioning well, but inside I felt horrible — I was on this rollercoaster of self-loathing, drinking, regret, repeat.


’Finding your motivation — whether to improve health, wealth or a relationship — has a knock-on effect. SO MUCH MORE THAN SOBER supports women with the tools to either cut down on alcohol or quit entirely.  Register below for book tour updates, speaking events, celebrations and other news.

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