I’m Claire, The Soberholic - passionate about sharing the benefits of a sober life.


Normal life for me, was a bottle of wine each day - drinking to excess, then beating myself up about it.  

It was impacting every aspect of my life – my work, sleep, health, energy and relationships. 

By using alcohol to mask some of my problems, it was just creating others. 

I was in a cycle of drink, regret, repeat.

Now, I’m loving life, like never before. 

I’m happier, healthier and more energised than I’ve been for years. 


I’m so much more than sober – I’m more active, more passionate, more fun and more ME! 


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Taking Back Control

I’ve created a programme called S.O.B.E.R. Goals. 

Built around self-awareness and self-discovery, it helps you to take back your power, increase your self-confidence and enjoy the benefits of a healthier life.

Being sober is energising and revitalising and everyone deserves to feel this amazing!

So, I’m on a mission to help women like me take a break from the booze and hopefully quit it altogether. 


With my help and support, I want you to find a new zest for life, like I have.

   If you’d like to make a change, I’d love to hear from you hello@thesoberholic.com

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Start your SOBER journey TODAY!