sober girls-engaged elsie.png


Elsie is at stage four of the process. She is engaging in sober life and having difficult conversations with the people in her life who still enjoy drinking.

Elsie has enjoyed learning about the sober process and has found it fascinating to know so much about herself too. She's completed the activities in the programme. The vision board activity inspired her to start a creative writing course in the evenings, which is excellent, as it helps her to relax. (This is something she has wanted to do for YEARS)

Doing something just for her, makes her feel better. 

It's good to talk and although sober life is fantastic, for some people this can feel like a lonely place to be - especially if you are the only alcohol-free gal in your gang. So, come on in and make some new sober pals - we are all as excited too and keen to share our new chapter with you!