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ITV Wales 23rd Feb 2021

BBC News 5th April 2021

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Claire Owen, 46, is The Soberholic - a mum who used to drink 100 units of alcohol a week. After discovering that she has more fun & more energy being sober, she’s now on a mission to ‘rebrand’ sober life, supporting those who want to make a change.

Having been through her own personal struggle with alcohol, Claire knows exactly what it’s
like to feel stuck - the cravings, the peer pressure, the temptation and the low self-esteem.

Now, having trained as a coach, she’s using her skills & experience to guide & support others
through their own sober journey. She’s created her SOBER Goals Programme, to help women like herself, take back their control - a brand-new approach, without the shame, labels or guilt.


By setting themselves achievable, lifestyle goals, their focus shifts from what they are giving up to what they are gaining.

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Media Bio

Claire Louise Owen

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A lively, fun-loving mum of 2, Claire is originally from Northumberland now lives in North Wales with her husband & their 2 young sons. Claire worked hard and for years, she thought of alcohol as a release, drinking 100 units (10 bottles of wine) a week. She enjoyed a party lifestyle, in which alcohol played a big part, but she felt trapped in a vicious cycle of drink-regret-repeat.

Claire says “I used to lie awake at night thinking, am I an alcoholic? But, as a successful
businesswoman with a young family, I dismissed the idea. To me, I didn’t fit the profile, so
the label of ‘alcoholic’ kept me in denial.” Feeling miserable, Claire kept turning to alcohol
to try to keep it together, but while it was masking some of her problems, it was creating
even more. It was robbing her of her sleep, her energy & her mental capability. She wasn’t
functioning effectively in her business, or as a parent; she was anxious, guilt-ridden &

Watching her friend losing her life to alcohol, aged just 52, was her wake-up call to re-
evaluate her own situation. Claire says, “I had a lightbulb moment, where I thought - where
is the line between my fun & her problem?” She knew she had to take action.
Claire was shocked at how hard she found it to give up drinking. She struggled with
society’s portrayal of alcohol as synonymous with having fun. It’s joked about in a way that
other drugs are not; for example, on birthday cards, posters, mugs, coasters & now even on
the covers of popular parenting books!


With even more references in social media to ‘wine o’clock’ & ‘prosecco girly fun,’ the alcohol intake of women is increasing. Having experienced for herself the benefits of being sober, Claire is keen to turn the tide of popular opinion – to dispel the idea that sober is boring, that we deserve alcohol as a treat & that we need it to cope with our busy lives. She wants to help others to reframe their perception of alcohol & to help them to discover healthier alternatives.


She introduces people to exciting & challenging activities, that also provide stress relief, social interaction & fun – but without the hangover, the inability to function & the guilt. Claire has also built up an online community of like-minded women, who can offer each other mutual support & encouragement. She is happier than she’s been in years & she wants to help others to achieve that too – to be so much more than sober.

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