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Ollie is at stage two of the process. She is observing others, to see how sober would look in her life.  Increasing her self-awareness and identifying her cravings now, will all help when she is ready to take action.

Do you ever allow people to treat you in a way that you secretly find unacceptable?

Do you keep the peace, by quietly accepting unkind, disrespectful treatment, that makes you feel devalued? Then, do you quietly resent everyone, keeping all of your feelings to yourself, for fear of upsetting others?

Find out how Ollie is developing her self-awareness and how it is helping her. 

It helps to observe others and see what stage they are at. Seeing others enjoying sober life, helps you believe this is possible for you. It keeps you open to the idea that this could be an amazing choice for you and your loved ones.