5 Signs you are ready to hire a sober coach

Women are waking up, we are tired of the Mummy needs wine culture, we all know we are capable of so much more. It used to be funny. It's not anymore.

It is never too late to change your identity, being sober is like going back to that child like wonder, where you get to discover so many things about yourself. I just got curious to what I could be, do and achieve and kept making steps towards it.

I have created various ways that you can work with me to reach your goal.

You can learn about The Secrets to Sober Success Programme HERE if you enjoy that and want more then The Sober Goals Programme is a 45 Day programme delivered to your email jam packed with activities and journal prompts to challenge your beliefs, reframe negative thoughts and get your mindset ready and willing to change your life.

At any stage you are welcome to upgrade and The Sober Pen Pal service book a call with Claire for more tailored one to one support.

It maybe that you are looking for more personal development, opportunities for collaboration and to get early bird access to all the retreats and adventures I have on my vision board - the question is will I be on yours? If so then grab a spot on my So Much More Than Sober Monthly Membership for only £47 per month

The So Much More Than Sober Membership is for you if your goal is more than being sober.

What is it that alcohol has stopped you from achieving? What is it that you really want? What are you really craving? Are you ready to find out?

5 Signs you are ready to hire a sober coach

  1. You are questioning how much, how often you are drinking and comparing with others. For months I questioned the line between my fun and a drink problem.

  2. You constantly adjust the rules you set for yourself and NEVER stick to your word. We all have our own set of rules that determine how close a person is to the invisible line that seems to be different for every woman I meet. The self loathing is real when you don't stick to the plan you never made.

  3. You aren't sure if the Memes are funny anymore I have friends who are no longer with us because of alcohol. The problem is we are sending memes and sober shaming then tutting if she forgets to collect the kids from school? Women are dying of shame rather than admitting to needing help with this!

  4. You are ready for something different you know it is time. This wont be easier if you do it next month or next year. Life is full of "I would never.... yet until you are sure I would look at blaming the alcohol rather than the person the way I see it is if life throws you a curve ball and if you are already skating close to the edge it might not take much to tip. My service invites ladies to look at this in a different way - lets focus on everything you have to gain from a sober life. as I hate to be negative and my company ethos is built on positivity and hope, I find it helpful and I love to surround myself with solution focused women who know deep down that they deserve more.

  5. You feel stuck you can not figure this out and you know it is about MORE than just what is in your glass - you would welcome the support from someone impartial and you are keen to get started! Women who find themselves in a career, relationship or financial situation that they did not plan to be in, they are sick of relying on alcohol to numb the feelings and to quieten that inner voice that is screaming - Is this IT???

I invite you to join me in reaching for your dreams, come along and share them with someone who is crazy enough to reach for hers. Women need to be heard, I process my thoughts as I say them out loud. Always have! It is important for our mental health to feel heard. Do you feel heard?

Check out The So Much More Than Sober Monthly Membership doors are open until midnight 30th April 2021

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