5 Signs you are ready to hire a sober coach

Women are waking up, we are tired of the Mummy needs wine culture, we all know we are capable of so much more. It used to be funny. It's not anymore.

It is never too late to change your identity, being sober is like going back to that childlike wonder, where you get to discover so many things about yourself.

I just got curious about what I could be, do and achieve and kept making steps towards it.

5 Signs you are ready to hire a sober coach

  1. You are questioning how much, how often you are drinking and comparing with others. For months I questioned the line between my fun and a drinking problem.

  2. You constantly adjust the rules you set for yourself and NEVER stick to your word. Self-loathing is real when you don't stick to the plan you never made.

  3. You don't find the Memes funny anymore, I have friends who are no longer with us because of alcohol. The problem is we are sending memes and sober shaming then tutting if she forgets to collect the kids from school? Women are dying of shame rather than admitting to needing help with this!

  4. You are ready for something different you know it is time. This won't be easier if you do it next month or next year.

  5. You feel stuck you can not figure this out and you know it is about MORE than just what is in your glass - you would welcome the support from someone impartial and you are keen to get started!

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