Bessie is Bold and Taking Action

Updated: Feb 28

Bessie is at stage three of the process Situation: Being bold and taking action

Sober Goal: To quit until she loses 20lbs!!!happy to quit for a while

Currently: 6-8 bottles Prosecco per week

Bessie wants to lose weight, even though she eats healthily and goes to the gym, she is aware of the empty calories she drinks each week.

Bessie loves all the latest fads. She will be first to have tried a new restaurant or cocktail bar, she adores attending glamorous events.

Bessie is an expert at bringing people together. Bessie has been a member of the same gym for 10 years, she goes twice a week and has been trying to lose the same 20lbs for 5 years. She runs a successful network marketing company with a vast team. Bessie socialises most nights due to her work, she tries not to drink every night, but she worries she won't be as much fun without her tipple of choice, which is Prosecco. She is convinced she does so well in her business because she is an extrovert, bubbly and outgoing. Bessie would like to cut down, she knows if she told her friends that she was cutting out the booze for a while, they would stop inviting her to parties. She loves her friends.

Bessie has had periods of not drinking before, for a week or so. She manages if she has no functions to attend. As soon as she is out and about it always creeps back in, she really wants to cut it out for a while so she can lose the last 20lbs and have more energy.

Bessie has organised a one to one session, she has managed 3.5 weeks with no alcohol, and she is loving it, BUT she has to go to her best friend Caron's 50th on Friday night. It's ages since she has seen the girls and Caron will be upset if she doesn't go. There is NO WAY Bessie would consider going sober, everyone will be annoyed, and she doesn't want to spoil everyone's night. Bessie is right to reach out for extra support, she has a challenge ahead, so we work on changing her mindset. Bessie has made many assumptions that people will be upset and annoyed??? We discuss the situation and how she feels, we look at different options and scenarios.

Bessie could arrive late to the party, when everyone is settled, she could announce she brought the car. She could pretend to drink, OR she could treat it as a good challenge.

It really isn't anyone else's business, and they shouldn't rely on you drinking so they can have fun. After our one to one session, we look at things differently. Same party and the same dilemma... Bessie is now looking forward to seeing her pals and showing off her bloat-free, clear complexion. She is planning to wear something a bit brighter than what she usually wears and style her hair entirely differently. She knows that her pals will be happy if she is happy. This is a choice. She can't wait to tell the girls that she is feeling so good after her break from the booze. She has already called ahead to challenge the barman to create her delicious and fresh mocktails in a special glass.

She will be telling the girls about all the things she has planned to do to kick off her fitness adventure plan. Oh and she calculates all the empty calories she swerved and the greasy takeaways.

Calculate the calories Bessie hasn't consumed over the past 3.5 weeks.

Based on 7 bottles of wine at 600 calories per bottle that's 4200 calories per week x 3.5 weeks, that's 14,700 calories!!!!

If Bessie's eye is on HER prize of losing weight, she can get through this one night out!!!

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