Creating Intrigue with Ann English

I first met Claire after she’d heard my presentation on how I enable dreamers to successfully transform their ideas into reality through my VisionMapping process.

Coincidentally this was Claire’s first networking event and I didn’t know she had a BIG dream to empower women to be ‘so much more than sober’ so was looking for someone to visually communicate her vision.

Ann English VisionMapping Expert

I remember how Claire passionately told me of her innovative ideas to build a unique brand and coaching program based on her personal life experiences.

As ‘The Soberholic’ her purpose was to guide women by turning what was once her ‘mess’ into her ‘message’ to inspire and impact others. Not knowing how to move forward or what this would look like, Claire took a leap of faith and decided to invested in 1:1 clarity coaching with me.

During the sessions I capture all her ideas on a VisionMap and categorise them into stages. This process enabled Claire to see the big picture without loosing sight of the detail, she gained clarity and focus on her ‘dot’ and brand direction.

The VisionMap evolved into ‘The S.O.B.E.R Goals’ SignatureSystem which visualises the 5 stages that bridge the gap between being stuck in a cycle of drinking too much alcohol, and living a rebalanced life.

To make this relatable to women at all stages of their journey Claire wanted to create avatars with iconic identities and individual stories.

Coincidentally because I’d invented ‘The Metrognomes’ I knew how to develop characters.

Together we had fun exploring ideas and pooling our collective experience, knowledge and wisdom to produce the revised brand identity along with the five Pals.

Visually the brand colours subliminally represent a tragic light system from red, through amber, to green. The Pals were illustrated as silhouettes so clients could more easily see themselves in the images.