Feeling Fresh

Updated: Apr 22

It was day one of Home Education, we decided quickly. We didn't really have a choice because the 2 hour round trip twice per day and the school fees were pushing us to the brink of collapse.

We looked again and I realised I could take the pressure off in a moment, all I had to do was decide and commit to a different way of living. I had done it before. Many times.

I am proud we got to this point. I do not feel I have failed, this is a jigsaw journey, I love my life. I feel it is a mismatch of experience and I am being blown in the exact direction. I believe I am here so I can learn and grow.

Tony Robbins says life happens for you, not to you. Things changed when I started to look at my life like that. I am here learning what I need at the exact right time. Life is happening for me - I believe that.

On Mothers day allow me to Mother you with some wise advice. I know you didn’t ask for it but you are getting it anyway.

Lean into your feelings regularly to decide what's working and pin point what is no longer achieving harmony in your life. I want you to know you can change it at any time.

A decision you made about a situation and who you were planning to be a decade ago could be holding you back from the future you desire today.

If you have choices you are one of the lucky ones, be bold be brave and trust yourself you know deep down inside what is true for you

They tell me that the Full moon is the time to let go of what no longer serves you and manifest the life you see for yourself.

I say start any day. Start today. Start with you.

On the first day of home ed we watched a Ted Talk and interview with Jeff Beno Amazon CEO

His best childhood memory was him building a flat pack house with his papa.

After the video me and my boys had a chat and they shared some ideas, they decided to research tree houses and structures to build as shelters, I explained about mood boards, this lead to desktop drawing apps, gadgets and design. We talked about the eco cost of the build, they had my mind spinning with what they could see and expect to be possible. It was one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had.

I shared about my property journey - they were impressed. They knew some things but I shared decisions we had to make and outcomes that have unfolded over decades. I shared with my beautiful children in my lounge over tea and biscuits and I call that home education.

I shared family sayings from generations before e.g You buy cheap pay twice.

Sharing like this made me feel two foot taller - it felt like lessons in life but I added my own version of magic - and now they get to build on top of all of that. All whi