Find your purpose and a new lease of life Chapter 2022

This morning I was woken by a little bird - the first one awake while the sky was still black; this baby sparrow woke up in a chirpy mood and was singing at the top of its voice, welcoming the morning. I smiled as I opened my eyes, thinking of its hopeful heart and happy soul.

I can't remember waking up so gently when I was drinking all the wine all the time.

As the mornings get lighter and Spring starts to arrive, I want my clients to feel a sense of hope for the future, so you sing from your heart even when it is dark and cold outside.

I wish you to feel hope, inspiration, control, choice, happiness, alive, awake; I want you to feel empowered.

My promise to you by following my programmes you will

* Raise your energy and attract others who want the same.

* Uncover what you believe about alcohol

* Increase your understanding of yourself

* Feel empowered to change your lifestyle

* Gain the confidence to change your identity

It all starts with you making a BOLD decision that you deserve more. I think you do. Do you?

Lets check in with My Five Pals


Why can’t I do this? She asks herself the same question every morning; this time she managed 13 days of dry January, but she had a drink last night, AND it now it is the weekend. I might start again on Monday! She says…


She slept so well last night; the essential oils and her new morning and bedtime routine leave her feeling calmer and prepared for her day. She loves feeling in control but worries constantly that she will slip.


Her longest stint so far, on day