How to Use The Six Human Needs to create a life of Happiness

Knowing these have helped me during my journey with alcohol.

I quit drinking to support a friend - she made me question what I had been calling fun.

It was the kick I needed, so I quit my ten bottles of wine per week habit, and I picked up my self-development.

Investing in my personal development was the first step after volunteering in a recovery centre. I studied life coaching and have continued to invest in myself to create a life and a business that helps women who know they deserve more.

In this video, I share my understanding of the six human needs and how to use them to create a life of happiness.

How are the six human needs showing up in your life?

  1. Certainty. Do you have certainty in your life? And how can you bring an element of confidence into your life?

  2. Variety. Change - is the only constant in life. Do you embrace it or avoid it?

  3. Significance. Do you feel significant in your life? If not, can you make more of a difference in someone else's life?

  4. Love and connection. We all desire love and connection. It's not all about just getting and receiving love. It's about giving love as well and feeling connected. You can find people who are just like you from all over the world. I'm in groups for my grey hair. I'm in groups now about home education. If you have a passion or interest or side of your life that you want to spend more time exploring, then join a group and if you can't find a group, start a group. My group to support ambitious women who want more from life is called The Soberholic Group.

  5. Growth. So do you feel like you're growing? Do you feel like you're learning and moving forward? If you are keen to learn and grow, learn about