I quit binge drinking and now I support other women who are looking for lasting change.

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Claire Owen is a bubbly Geordie lass who is ready to be heard, ready to stand up and ready to speak about the unspoken. She is ready to rescue other successful women from

blaming everything but the wine in their glass for the missed deadlines, the overwhelm, anxious feelings and the dreaded imposter syndrome.

She is ready to challenge the drinks industry and the marketing which normalises the Mummy wine culture and leaves women thinking they must enjoy a drink if they want to fit in and be accepted by the crowd.…. She is ‘The Soberholic’ on a mission to rebrand a sober life and to support the women who are looking for lasting. Listen to her podcast The Secrets of Sober Success for inspiration.

Like many professional women Claire’s life revolved around alcohol, it was ingrained in her upbringing and it was her ENTIRE social life -she ‘drank with the lads’ in her youth, then found a release in the booze from her hectic life as an entrepreneurial mum of two boys as she worked hard and played hard, like many of us do.

This lasted years….Until one day when the fun stopped being fun, and the wake up call came. An old friend came back into her life, she had lost everything due to alcohol. Claire tried to help by finding her a home and giving her a job, nothing she did helped long term as she couldn't see her way out.

Sadly Claire’s friend died during the lockdown - she was 52, Claire said “she has left a huge hole in my heart but I will be forever grateful that she made me question my binge drinking”, Claire became obsessed with where the line was between her 'fun' and her friends 'problem'.

Claire has now reached almost three years sober, and chooses her adventures to be those that involve the great outdoors, and being the mum she always wanted to be.

Going from drinking over 100 units a week, which left her anxiety ridden with low self worth, feeling like her mind had ‘unravelled’ and googling ‘Am I an alcoholic?’ in the middle of the night, Claire is now bursting with energy, passion, drive and a real focus, a character truly unrecognisable from her former self.

Her journey to sobriety was a tough one, as she soon realised just how much wine is portrayed as the answer to all mum’s problems - “the ads, the memes, the cards, the second nature of wine o’clock….it is not only accepted it is actively encouraged for us to turn to booze to ‘get us through the day - it’s no wonder so many women have a damaged relationship with alcohol.”

Claire’s mission is now to help open up the conversations about ‘social drinking’ so more women get the chance to stop, and take stock. She is not trying to turn the nation sober, but IS trying to help other women like her, who had made drinking in excess ‘an acceptable habit’ to ask themselves if this is really making them happy. If not she’s here to show them that there is life after booze!

‘The Soberholic’ was born after her journey to quitting saw her volunteer at a Rehab centre as part of her mission to support others and it was here when she heard “Hi my name is ….. and I am an alcoholic”. She experienced all the shame and self loathing come rushing back and from this moment on felt compelled to find another way to support people, without them having to live with this label. This is how the name The Soberholic came to be and her mission of creating a life ‘So much more than sober.’

Having taken years to recognise she even had a problem, Claire describes how and why she felt trapped in her unhealthy lifestyle in a bid to help others recognise the warning signs in their own lives - then she shares the light at the end of the tunnel, as she radiates health happiness and positivity and reveals the joys of her sober life!

Claire’s purpose is not to convince those who enjoy to drink to quit, but to offer those who do want to change, support they didn’t know existed. She works with successful businesswomen who do not label themselves alcoholics - but she’s here to help women who are feeling lost to make mindset, and lifestyle changes and show them there is another way…..