In My Opinion - Three powerful little words

I was recently LIVE on the Radio.

The powerful presenter explained the concept before we were LIVE on air. She explained that the show was a way to create a conversation by polarising the audience and encouraging a debate.

She explained that I should expect to be rumbled by the listeners and goaded into standing up for my opinion from the presenters. It was clear they wanted someone who felt strongly about a subject, and for this subject, they chose me.

The Mummy Needs Wine culture; they knew exactly what I would say.

I sat with the opportunity for a moment.

There were so many angles I could have chosen; I reread the three words I had scribbled in my notebook - in my mind, I was dreaming up creative ways to share my vision and make others stop and listen to me.

Suddenly something softened, and I took a breath.

I thought about my clients, their transformations and the simple encouragement that it took, I considered the group, those who are active and watching from the shadows. I smiled when I remembered all of the likes and comments.

I felt supported, heard, helpful and needed; I felt calm and at ease. I knew that the ready ones would be inspired by whatever I decided to say.

I took a deep breath, and with my hand on my heart, I said

"In my opinion, the Mummy needs wine culture is over.

Women are waking up; we choose a new way, a brighter, clearer future, a life without alcohol. We inspire our families and encourage our friends to join this health-seeking behaviour. We are so much more than sober.

In my opinion, sober curiosity is the movement sweeping the globe.

Women are putting down the drinks and investing in personal development to create a life they love that will inspire their families and friends; just thinking about the ripple effect gives me goosebumps."

The power those three words In My Opinion...gave me was the permission to speak from my heart with conviction in my message and my mission to inspire 10,000 women to STOP relying on alcohol.

I aim to remove the self-loathing, blame and shame.

It is time women stopped blaming themselves and got curious.

I want to gift that power to others and offer the opportunity for you to join me on my new YouTube Show - In My Opinion - this is your opportunity to use the power of those three little words to get your message and mission off your chest.

My followers are mainly ambitious midlife women who desire more from life than a bottle of wine at the end of a busy day.

Do you have something helpful to share for that stage of life, something useful or inspiring.

Many women are seeking to change; you could share your comeback story or something that has helped and empowered you along the way.

The only requirement is that you start with

In my opinion -

For extra points

Can you tell me about a time when you were stuck

What happened? What tools did you use to move on?

Can you tell me about something you observed before you took action?

What happened? what did you see?

Can you tell me about a time you were bold even though you had no idea about the outcome? what happened? what was the outcome

Can you tell me about a time something didn't work out until you engaged in the process