Louise Jamieson smashes her Sober Goal to inspire others

What a month April has been for Louise Jamieson she reached 90 days sober and was interviewed LIVE on BBC TWO with Claire Louise Owen founder of The Soberholic and The Sober Goals programme.

She was then interviewed by a UK based charity Alcohol Change website and is continuing to grow her own following while inspiring others with her message that sober is not boring,

Alcohol change wrote, Louise started drinking to try to cope with her mental health problems. On Fridays, after work, she would go to the pub with friends and drink pints of lager and continue to drink once she got home. But she was also taking medication to help with her anxiety, which was interacting with the alcohol and having a negative effect.

This led to her behaving in a way she didn’t like towards the people she loved. “I would sometimes get nasty and violent because of my tablets and the drinking.” The day after a drinking session she would receive messages from her friends to tell her about her behaviour the night before. Some friends even stopped getting in touch.

That’s when she realised her drinking was becoming a problem. She was worried that if she didn’t stop, her husband would leave her and she would end up alone. Her doctor also advised her to stop drinking because of her anxiety medication.

“I would sometimes get nasty and violent because of my tablets and the drinking.” Through a friend of her mum’s, Louise met Claire Owen at a party. They got talking, and Louise mentioned that she wanted to stop drinking. From that point on, they met up often for coffee and dog walks and together worked out strategies to help Louise achieve her goal.

In this conversation between Louise and Claire, they discuss some of those strategies – including going to McDonald’s instead of the pub to keep temptation at bay.


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