Minimum unit pricing for alcohol in England is top of mind at the moment.

My clients offer a mixed opinion many believe it would encourage them to consider quitting drinking and others agree that they are resourceful and they would find a way to compromise in another area if necessary.

As a sober coach, I am happy that this conversation is taking place as it raises awareness.

I believe the real cost is to our health and the impact drinking alcohol has long term.

We all stood and clapped for the NHS, I believe we are all driven to be helpful so encouraging people to feel they are contributing and helping by taking responsibility for their own health after knowing the facts would be a good place to start.

And for those who have already quit let's start applauding health-seeking behaviours.

Three top tips before you start to cut back or quit drinking alcohol

1. Start observing when you drink and why you drink?

2. Monitor your cravings and journal your feelings they are the clue to what you believe about alcohol.

3. Challenge your beliefs - Do you really need to drink just because it is Friday?

Have you tried life another way?

I am happier without it in my life.

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