How removing alcohol helped my weightloss.

Updated: Jul 28

The FIVE steps I took to remove alcohol and improve my diet

I was not happy with how I looked, I was attempting to shame myself into action, always looking for the quick fix by using spirits and diet mixers yet forgetting that all my willpower would leave the building after one or two drinks. The late-night snacks and hangover cure breakfasts all got in the way of my goal of a slimmer healthier body.

In 2018, I challenged myself to change my binge drinking habits.

It was hard at first, and after many false starts, I now love my sober life and would not go back to feeling so down and tired all the time.

Here are the FIVE mindset shifts I took that helped me achieve lasting change.

  1. Shifted the blame and realised this was not my fault.

  2. Stopped doubting myself - I knew I deserved to be happy and content.

  3. Challenged my own beliefs and committed, I was doing it for ME.

  4. Expected success, I was surprised at my determination and grit to succeed.

  5. Attitude of gratitude I am proud of myself, if I can do this I can do anything.


Before I worked on my mindset I often tried to cut down, moderate and stick to the rules I had created for myself and I would always fail.

I would wake up feeling the dread as I counted the drinks in my head before I opened my eyes. The broken sleep, the blurry disagreements with my husband and the mountain of responsibility from work and home life just seemed like it was all impossible to face.

My dry mouth, bloated body and mysterious aches and pains made me miserable.

I am NOT drinking tonight. I would mutter as I dragged myself out of bed.

Does this sound familiar?

I retrained as a life coach after volunteering in a recovery clinic and now I support other women to STOP relying on alcohol to fuel their busy lives, by following my five-stage sober programme, following the exact steps I took you can quickly and easily regain control without judgement, shame or fear.