Pitch It Powerfully Workshop COMING SOON!!!

Updated: 24 hours ago

Ourlocalonline UK supports women entrepreneurs to dream big.

Founder and CEO Dr Loge approached me to host an online workshop

to share my experience of securing PR.

Here are 5 things to do before the workshop if you are seeking powerful PR

  1. Think about which magazines are desirable to your niche?

  2. Do you have a dream publication you would love to be featured in?

  3. Ask your audience what does your ideal client read?

  4. Choose your favourite and purchase the latest copy.

  5. Watch the pre workshop video and subscribe for more powerful business tips.

Dr Loge has been impressed with my vision, mission and dedication to my work; she wrote this message to support my book. The Soberholic So Much More Than Sober - Out now on Amazon.

I love to help other business owners to consider their own business stories and inspire others to reach out for PR opportunities.

Since starting my business, I have had many articles published about my story; I have been in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV.

My message is powerful; my friend died, and her story changed my life but using my integrity and staying true to the purpose has been an emotional and demanding position to put myself in.

It is a balance between sharing what will help and sharing it all.

Here is an overview of what to expect at the workshop.

You can join the workshop held on Zoom from 2 pm -4 pm on Saturday 28th May 2022

by signing up