PR Journey - Part Two

April 2021

I love the online world of women in business just smashing their goals, lifting each other up and encouraging each other to shine their light. If you have a business and are worried about pivoting into the online space, DO IT!!!! Women in business are truly AMAZING!!!

Imagine what you could do, be or create? Reach out and book a call to learn more about where I network and what steps I took to get started.

May 2021

More press coverage, T.V., and radio!!! If getting in the press is on your to-do list for 2022, don't forget to register for the next Get In The Press Workshop.

I was featured on ITV Wales, BBC2 NEWS LIVE on Bank Holiday Monday, Newcastle Radio

Since I’ve stopped drinking, I’ve lost weight and feel great!

The most significant change for me is on the inside. Still, this pic shows the transformation – I’m enjoying it way more than I ever enjoyed a bottle of vino!!!

With 120g of sugar in a bottle of Rose, it soon adds up.