Questions to ask a Sober Coach before hiring

Here are my most frequently asked questions...

Why did you want to stop drinking? I wanted to know if it would make me feel better

Did it work? Yep

Was it hard? Yes at times

I don't think I could do it, tell me how can I do it? Just start by spending time with me!

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

How will I know if I am ready? Read the blog post 5 signs you are ready to work with a sober coach

I don’t want to give up forever is this still for me? Absolutely the programme is for anyone who is sick of drinking and who feels like they want to take a break, it doesn’t have to be forever. It is up to YOU.

Is it the same as Dry January? No the programme is not the same as Dry January or going it alone. It is packed full of information and tools to change how you think about alcohol, you won’t be relying on willpower.

I have tried before and I always fail, will I be able to do it? This is a new way of tackling mindless drinking you will learn you are in control and you can chose.

If I drink during the programme will I fail? There is no pass or fail, the programme is designed for you to follow when you aren’t drinking so you can stay focused and feel the benefits of alcohol free life, you will get as much out of it as you put in but the materials are yours to keep so you can revisit the programme as many times as you wish. You will be a Soberholic just like me! Read What is a Soberholic?

I only drink at weekends but I always drink more than I plan to, is it for me or am I not bad enough? The programme is for you if you wish to change your relationship with alcohol what ever that looks like for you, whether you are drinking every day or every weekend, if you want that to change then it will help you.

Do I have to share my story? I don’t want anyone to know I am on the programme. No you can work through the programme without connecting to others on the Facebook groups but you will gain so much more support from others on the programme if you do. There is no shame in seeking help and everyone is in this together. However it is your choice.

Will you have a drink on holiday? No.

Do you offer any ongoing support? I can also be available as a sober pen pal to support you however the programme is designed so you can work through it independently at your own pace, the pen pal service would be in addition to the programme not instead.

Will I lose weight? This is not a weight loss programme and it will totally depend on how many calories you consume and how much you move during the programme.

How can I maintain my commitment to my decision to quit for good? By following the programme you will have all the information to succeed and make an informed decision on how you plan to move forward. It really is within your control.

What are the benefits? There are so many benefits you can read more in the blog post What are the benefits of giving up alcohol?. In my experience I am happier, I feel healthier, my relationships are better, my career is better, my love life is better, I feel more confident, I enjoy life more, my skin is clearer, my eyes are brighter, I have lost weight, I have made new friends, I have saved ££££ and I have had loads of fun.

Will you have a drink on your birthday? Nope.

Do you miss it? Not at all.

How do I sign up?

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