Saying Thank You to Chapter 2021

Updated: Jan 10

Let me share with you what I focused on in the past 12 months of my mission to inspire 10,000 women with my Soberholic message.

Here’s my diary of 2021

January 2021

My journal entry - The imposter syndrome strikes again.

Today I feel less confident about what to post; it’s weeks since I wrote a blog post, I know I’ve been distracted. I also feel I need to be more 'professional', which is blocking me from posting as much as I would like. This feeling is stopping me from stepping forward and turning up.

February 2021

I take some time off and really consider who my ideal client is and where I’ll find her online. After a day or two of rest and reflection, I feel inspired and get started straight away. I join a challenge, start networking, and seek support to move forward. I want to be confident with my content, so my message is clear and slick.

You can find out more about this process and the exact steps that I took in my Get in The Press Workshop. This practical session will help you build a solid foundation to grow your confidence and your business and to reach your ideal clients online.

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I’m a life coach, working with women who seek accountability, connection and support to reach their dreams.

What is a coach? A good coach cares about you and is committed to helping you be the best that you can be. My typical client could be a midlife empty-nester who feels unfulfilled.

They may have friends who insist they ‘just need a good night out, which means they never truly focus on what they need to change in their life to be happy. They want to quit or cut down but don’t feel their situation suits AA or rehab.

My ideal client knows this is not a quick fix, and together we work at changing her mindset. She is an ambitious woman who knows she has more to offer.

March 2021

Building any business is hard, especially in the beginning but feedback like this kept me turning up every day.

So proud of Claire. Her mission is an incredible one. Through listening to Claire, I have drunk less. When I was teaching, I was definitely dependent upon alcohol at times and looking back, I didn't like it. Now I can happily go a week without a drink and just have it when I really fancy it and not even realise it had been that long. That feels good.

But anyone who feels like they would like to cut down or that their relationship with alcohol is maybe not so healthy, check out The Soberholic. Honestly, Claire is inspirational.

It is almost four years since my first day one without alcohol. That day, I woke up after another heavy night and decided I was ready for lasting change. I was inspired after watching a good friends health decline, I knew my story would help others. Once I was crystal clear with my message, once my mission was clear, I wanted a bank of energetic photos to share my message with confidence and pride. I was prepared to pitch to the press and get myself seen outside of so