Timeto STOP blaming yourself - It's not your fault

Women – the target of a massive alcohol marketing campaign.

Have you already tried several approaches to reducing or quitting alcohol and

just ended up feeling even more frustrated? Have you been blaming yourself

for taking the path you’ve taken, beaten yourself up for ‘failing’ and found

yourself well and truly STUCK in an unhappy place?

I know how that feels.

Having been there myself, I want to share with you something that made me feel a lot better about myself and heightened my resolve to get myself UNSTUCK!

Stop blaming yourself for the problem - it really isn’t all your fault!

Read on to find out more:

I was the party girl – the first on the dance floor, the loudest and the drunkest.

The advertising and social media memes had me convinced that the mummy

juice and the fizz were my friends. I was the girl you bought prosecco and gin

gifts for, because I was always full of tales from my latest drunken escapade.

I was drinking over 100 units per week. Usually at home, in my Prosecco

Princess pyjamas, surrounded by the birthday cards and fridge magnets that

told me that I deserved it.

The thing is, I had no energy & I was depressed, anxious and miserable - unless

I was drinking. I didn’t notice that I had a problem, I just kept taking the easy

option – more alcohol to make me feel better – but of course, it didn’t.

Advertising, specifically aimed at women, has contributed to the rise of alcohol

consumption over the last several decades.

The alcohol marketing companies were probably looking for ways to target

strong, independent women - the high fliers and the mums with disposable


They enticed me in, with the ‘ladette culture,’ ‘the rave scene’ and the

‘Mummy juice.’ I was there for the ‘after work happy hour’ and lured in by the

image of alcohol being fashionable, glamorous and desirable.

I had become addicted to the prettily packaged poison, that was gradually

chipping away at my health, my energy, my money, my confidence and my

sense of self-worth.

The heads of alcohol marketing campaigns, would probably have classed me as

one of their big success stories. I’m not playing their game anymore though.

My massive wake-up call, was watching a close friend gradually losing her life

to the effects of alcohol. If it could happen to her, it could happen to me.

Where was the line between having fun and having a problem?

I don’t like the label ‘alcoholic.’ I believe it keeps people stuck in believing

that’s who they are, rather than looking at who they could be. It reminds me

of shame and removes the power from the person.

We can continue to play into the hands of advertising and rely on alcohol (a

false friend) or we can take our power back! We can live our lives on our

terms, in our way!

Forget the term ‘alcoholic,’ it’s time for another way and a new word. I’m

inviting you to become a SOBERHOLIC – enjoying a new way of living, so that


Since I’ve been sober, I’m more energised, healthier and having a lot more fun!

Sober life gives me more of a buzz than alcohol ever did, without the dip


I’m in a much happier place as a mum, a wife, a sister, an aunty, a neighbour

and a friend.

You have the option to contact your GP for help and advice if you need it. But

for £37, you could also sign up for my ‘Secrets to SOBER success’ training

package, especially designed to offer you support at the start of your sober




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