Time to STOP blaming yourself - It's not your fault

Updated: May 3

Women – the target of a massive alcohol marketing campaign.

Have you already tried several approaches to reducing or quitting alcohol and

just ended up feeling even more frustrated? Have you been blaming yourself

for taking the path you’ve taken, beaten yourself up for ‘failing’ and found

yourself well and truly STUCK in an unhappy place?

I know how that feels.

Having been there myself, I want to share with you something that made me feel a lot better about myself and heightened my resolve to get myself UNSTUCK!

Stop blaming yourself for the problem - it really isn’t all your fault!

I was featured on BBC News LIVE on Easter Monday

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I was the party girl – the first on the dance floor, the loudest and the drunkest.

The advertising and social media memes had me convinced that the mummy

juice and the fizz were my friends. I was the girl you bought prosecco and gin

gifts for, because I was always full of tales from my latest drunken escapade.

I was drinking over 100 units per week. Usually at home, in my Prosecco

Princess pyjamas, surrounded by the birthday cards and fridge magnets that