What do sober people do for fun?

26 sober things to try this weekend

Not everyone loves climbing mountains, the challenge of cross-fit or running marathons before lunch.

Here are some other cool things to do instead of drinking this bank holiday weekend.

1. Research your family tree - The older I get the more important this is to me - plan to visit the place of your birth, get the kids involved.

2. Go to your favourite place to hang out as a kid, watch movies and listen to music from happy times.

3. Pay attention to what grabs your attention, read magazines and create a vision board with all of your desires, its fun to dream and get creative with new ideas.

4. Clear out your clutter- it feels good to get organised, what you no longer need could be useful to others.

5. Design your very own merchandise - what about a t shirt with your favorite one - liner? Find out more printful.

6. Digital declutter - unsubscribe from and delete unwanted emails.

7. Write someone you love a letter then burn it or post it - Get it out and let it go.

8. Dream of your favourite destination, research that trip - Find out how much it would actually cost to go where your heart desires.

9. Clear out your closet, donate clothes or sell any that give you bad energy. Get creative. Could that dress be chopped into a great top with some time and a sewing machine?

10. Make some long term goals for your health, wealth or relationship. Removing alcohol will give you the energy to learn grow. Think of how you could inspire others. For more inspiration watch my YouTube Channel

11. Find an accountability buddy, join The Soberholic Group get your family and friends involved. Learning together with your loved ones is fun, choose a language, a skill or hobby and grab some time together.

12. Try creating mocktail alternatives in a fancy glass, or exploring the wide range of alcohol free alternatives, find out more at Non Toxicated - Try posh pop in a posh glass, ditching the alcohol will leave you all the time and energy for the things you love.