What is a Soberholic?

Updated: Mar 20

I’m Claire Owen, The Soberholic. I’m a mum, who used to drink 100 units of alcohol a week. Now I’ve discovered that I have more fun and more energy without alcohol. Recently featured on ITV Wales News, I’m on a mission to ‘rebrand’ sober life and to help women who want to make a change.

What does soberholic mean?

Soberholic is a name that I created myself. As a successful businesswoman, with 2 young children, I didn’t feel like I fit the profile of an alcoholic, so for years, I remained in denial that I had a problem. It was watching a close friend lose her life to an alcohol related illness, that made me realise I was heading in the same direction and needed to make a change.

To me, the label ‘alcoholic,’ conjures up feelings of shame, guilt and fear. Once given that label, even when people break free and have been sober for years, the name ‘alcoholic’ still hangs over them.

I felt that it was time to shake things up. I wanted to reach out to women before they hit rock bottom, to increase their awareness of their relationship with alcohol and to help them have the confidence to take back control.

I wanted to come up with a new approach and a new name – a label or term that women would want to identify with – one that would give the power back to them, not to the alcohol. Soberholic felt like the perfect fit.

What does a soberholic look like?

To me, a soberholic is someone who enjoys the benefits of a sober life. They don’t have to be tee-total, but they recognise that they don’t need alcohol in their lives. A soberholic sets themself goals to aspire to and is supportive of others on their sober journey.

As the original soberholic, I love my sober life and feel passionate about the ripple effect that it’s had on me and my loved ones. I feel a duty of care to share my story with others, with the hope of inspiring them to take action.

What are the benefits of living a sober life?

You might think that the answer to this is fairly straightforward – things like losing weight, saving money, being healthier, etc might spring to mind.

However, there is a lot more to it than that. Alcohol impairs thinking and reduces energy. These two things alone will have a massive impact on your daily life. Living a sober life or reducing your alcohol intake can lead to:

  • Deeper connections with everyone around you

  • Better decision making

  • Improved sleep

  • More energy

  • More fun

  • Being a healthier weight

  • Clearer skin

  • More time

  • Improved relationships

  • More money

Read my post The Benefits of giving up Alcohol,

What are the benefits of giving up alcohol?’

Am I ready to quit drinking?

A large part of stopping or reducing alcohol, depends on your willingness to change. As a qualified sober coach, with my Sober Goals programme, it’s not about willpower or about focussing on cutting out the alcohol. It’s more about busting the myths around what you believe alcohol is offering you and helping you to set goals for yourself that mean more to you than the alcohol does. You need to have a strong reason to want to quit and be passionate about achieving it. If you focus on the why, then the programme will deliver the how. Being motivated and committed will give you the best chance of achieving your sober goals.

What support is available to help me to stop drinking?

There are a number of routes to go down to get support to stop drinking, including contacting your GP for options or going to AA meetings.

If you want to see where you are now in terms of readiness to quit, you can take my FREE, fun quiz & get some FREE feedback on what can help you next.


In addition to this, I offer a short intro programme and e-book package for £37, which is the perfect foundation and a great place to start, to prepare you for your sober journey.

The three short videos and activities will get your mindset ready and set for sober success - for less than the price of a big night out.

As a sober coach, with qualifications in coaching and counselling, I also offer a 7- week SOBER Goals support programme, comprising of videos and PDF files, for you to work through at your own pace. There is also an additional option of a 1-1 support package. Please see the Work With Me page on my website for more details.

Last weekend, I celebrated 3 years sober. Now, I’m loving life like never before!

I’m happier, healthier, more energised and having a lot more fun.

I want to help others to achieve that too – to be so much more than sober.

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