Lou, Northumberland

Claire is amazing for anyone struggling with issues around alcohol, in just a few sessions she helped me see things that I hadn't been able to see myself and support me back to a healthy relationship with alcohol, thank you!!!


Anon, UK

I booked a 1hour coaching session with Claire because I had a funeral that I wanted to get through sober. Claire's approach works for me because she is a great mix of challenging and supportive.

She is warm and loving and really encourages you to think about your own thought process and assumptions you make about yourself.

Claire, I have your voice in my head right now. "You have your sober life all ready for you, you just have to step into it. I am now over one week booze free and excited to see what else this journey holds for me. 

Sam, Newcastle

I have been alcohol free for over one year and I feel amazing. I wanted to quit for 28 days. I felt so good I just kept going. My life has changed so much since quitting - I see everything more clearly, I've lost weight, saved money and had loads more fun with my kids. Thank you Claire you have helped me get my life back on track.

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