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Riley is at stage five in the process, she can drink if she wants to, but she chooses not to. Confident and proud, she knows what she wants and is well on her way to getting it.

Situation: Rebalanced and loving life.


Sober Goal: To quit for good.


Why: Riley gave up booze last year after a health scare and has never regretted the decision.

Riley has an athletic build; she is a positive person with a fun outlook on life. She doesn't take herself too seriously.


She now has big plans for her future and this keeps her positive. She has invested in her personal development by signing up with a coach; she left her corporate job when she fell ill and after months of self-reflection is now ready to start her own business.


She looks at life as an adventure and is loving the challenge of creating something from scratch. She feels confident and excited when she looks to the future on a personal development journey, always investing in her wellbeing; mentally, physically, and emotionally.


She loved to drink, but she knew she had to quit, taking control of her health to give her body the chance to rest and recover. She has done some soul searching, and her outlook on life has changed in so many ways. She has no time for anyone who would question any of her personal decisions, she supports others by sharing her story with women who hope to quit too, she feels this has actively helped her to stay accountable.




She loves her life and feels grateful and proud every single day. It was hard at first being the only sober person on a night out but she has lots of techniques and everyone is supportive of her decision now.



Riley plans to continue with her sober life and encourage others to do the same, she is aware of how many women need this support. She loves to talk about her experience and gets great pleasure in supporting others.


Her life is fuller and much more positive, Riley is looking forward to the future and fully expects to hit bumps in the road. She knows she can handle whatever life throws at her, she knows she will stay positive with a clear head, and she knows she will be happy and healthy.



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