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Suzie feels stuck on a cycle of drink, regret, repeat. She has many problems in her life but blames alcohol for none of them. Alcohol is her friend - she would think you were crazy to suggest she gives it up! She may consider cutting down - but not YET! 

Suzie Case Study

Suzie is at stage one of the process


Situation - Stuck in a cycle of drinking and regret


Sober Goal - To cut down, only drink on weekends and drink in moderation


Why - Suzie wants to prove to her friends and family that she can do this


Party Trick - Upsetting her friends and losing her phone

Suzie has lots of friends, she loves a good laugh. You can always rely on Suzie to get the party started, even with her terrible karaoke singing, you will find her at the bar ordering shots for everyone.


To others, she seems so confident and happy.

She drinks until she drops and would think you were mental to suggest she cuts down. To her it is no big deal to have a blowout at the weekend, she works hard so she plays hard. She drinks as an act of rebellion to stick two fingers up at the world.


Sometimes Suzie goes too far and has made a fool of herself in public or with drunken texts. After a heavy session, she is always full of self-loathing and regret.

How important is it for you to make these changes?

I need to do this to prove to myself and everyone in my life that I can do this.

What is your reason to drink?

I drink to relax and because everyone else does it, I work hard so I deserve a drink.


Imagine your life when you have reached your sober goal, how will that look?

How will it feel? Who will be proud of you?

I would love to have a good night out without the drama, I am tired of being the one everyone is talking about the next day. It is horrible waking up and not remembering what I have said or done. I would feel better about myself and I will be so proud of myself.

Reason to quit?

I have many issues in my life and although I blame the drink for none of them it probably doesn't help, I suppose any situation will improve if I stop the behaviour that caused the issues in the first place. It will improve my relationships with my friends, my reputation and my self-respect.

How can other people help me?

Suzie chatted to her close friends and asked for help, they agreed to encourage her, she completes the daily tasks to stay accountable and to get daily motivation and support.


How will I know my plan is working?

Suzie wrote down her 'sober goal' in her journal, her plan was to only drink at weekends she would not entertain the idea of socialising sober. Her goal is to cut down on nights out and give up drinking at home.


After a few weeks of being on the programme she noticed there were so many other ways to have fun, she was also amazed by the cash she had saved. She was slowly looking at things differently. Maybe she would take on the challenge to socialise sober? It would feel amazing if she could.


Things that could interfere with my plan are:

Suzie knows she is the only person responsible for her actions. If this is what she wants and she gives 100% then she has all the tools she needs from this programme. She realises after a few slip-ups that having

'just one' leads to more than one too many. This is a process - she sees that now.

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