My Five Pals

These are characters I created to represent all the stages I went through when I gave up.


Like you and I, the five pals all have a different reason for drinking and a different reason for quitting.


The programme offers a process that you can follow, so you can see how you are doing and if you are moving towards your sober goal, whether that is not to drink mid-week or not to drink until Christmas, all goals are personal and set by YOU.

The quiz should help you to figure out where you are on today on the Sober Process and which pal you have most in common with.

Can you guess?


Let's have some fun with this simple quiz.

By entering your e-mail address, I can send you the results, along with some top tips to get you ready and set for Sober Success.


Note: Your e-mail will only be used in conjunction with the Sober Goals programme and for support, it will not be passed to any 3rd party

o STUCK SUZIE  – Stop Being Stuck ▪ To recognise and understand how your habits, lifestyle and the world around you are keeping you ‘stuck’ in the cycle of drinking.  You have a choice!


o OBSERVE OLLIE – Observe Your Behaviours ▪ To look honestly at your own behaviours, cravings and mindset around drinking – find out WHY you drink – become more self-aware and build the motivation to make a change.  You’re ready!


o BOLD BESSIE – Make Bold Decisions ▪ To change and start your sober adventure! This time it’s not about willpower – it’s about changing your mindset, setting personal goals and deciding the actions that you’ll take to keep you on track.  You can do it!


o ENGAGED ELSIE – Engage in Positive Action ▪ To engage your thoughts, feelings and actions to make positive changes – try a new way, a new lifestyle, a new you – feel empowered to go for your personal goals on your sober adventure!  You’ve totally got this!


o REBALANCE RILEY– Rebalance Your Life  ▪ To feel rebalanced and in control of your life – stay sober and feel more alive, more engaged, more active, more self-aware, more passionate, more fun, more EVERYTHING…more YOU! You’re so much more than sober!