The workbook

  • Are you stuck in a cycle of drink – regret – repeat?

  • Do you feel like you’ve tried and failed before?

  • Are you wanting to make a change, but not sure how?


I’ve been there and I understand.  That’s why my approach is different. It focuses on WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE, not what you’re giving up.


Try my FREE WORKBOOK full of information, advice and activities to get you ready for changing your life.

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The workbook

As well as being able to read my personal story, my workbook will help you to:

  • Consider WHY you want to make changes

  • Think about what you hope to achieve 

  • Explore your current relationship with alcohol

  • Realise that for decades, women have been targeted by clever marketing campaigns – so this not your fault!


Are you ready to let go of any labels, take back your power and reach for your goals?

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