Meet other women just like you, all with different reasons for drinking and different reasons for quitting. Work through the programme with the community, or go at your own pace. One shared goal - to take back control.

What's inside?

Five stages jam-packed with motivation and coaching 

Videos and workbooks for each stage of the process

Self-study or join the community for additional support

The opportunity to upgrade to Sober Pen Pal 

Simply book a call for individual advice & support.

Many women are now 'choosing' sober as a lifestyle choice.

Are you ready to take back control without judgment, shame or fear? 

I want to ask you a few simple questions...


How does alcohol affect your life?


How does alcohol make you feel?


How does alcohol affect our appearance?


How does alcohol affect our health?


How does alcohol affect our relationships?


What could life look like without alcohol?